All Good For Bosco Bees!

It’s been several years since the Bosco garden was buzzing with bees, but now we can report that both our new colonies are doing well!

Following the disaster of losing our bees in 2017 – and the restrictions imposed by Covid – it is great news that the first inspection of our new colonies has been given a clean bill of health. Our bee mentor, Anwar, made the first inspection following the Winter a few weeks ago and reported that all is well. The queens in both hives were seen, there’s lots of larvae and capped brood, and plenty of honey stores.

Anwar said: “Both hives are doing well. The mild weather has helped the bees survive over winter. The Queen has been laying and bees have been out foraging on bright, warm days throughout the winter and everything is fine.”

Both hives lay dormant for several years and we wondered how we were going to replace them. But, just last year, we found out that one of our Syrian refugees is a beekeeper and could help us bring the apiary back to life. Two new colonies were installed and have thrived throughout the year. So successful have they been that, last September, we were able to extract 18lbs of honey from just our one hive (the other hive belongs to Anwar).

This past Winter was mild (no snow!) and the bees were out on the occasional sunny day – they were even out foraging on New Year’s Eve! Spring, too, has been particularly warm and dry, so garden volunteers have been delighted to watch the bees coming and going most days. We now look forward to the bees thriving and the colonies growing in the coming year. It won’t be long until we have to add extra levels on the hives to accommodate them all!

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