Bosco Lodge

front of Bosco Lodge

Bosco Lodge opened in May 2016 – nearly a year after we should have moved residents from the previous, inadequate, hostel into the newly refurbished building.

To get it right took a long time because, from the outset, we were determined that the Lodge should provide the same high standard of accommodation and support as Bosco House and our independent living move-on flats.

To help us achieve this we would like to acknowledge the generous financial support provided by Help The Homeless, the Deposit Protection Scheme, and the John Moore’s Foundation. The funds they provided helped to furnish and equip the Lodge to the high standard we demand for our residents.

The Lodge has 13 private rooms, each with en suite bathrooms; one bedroom on the ground floor with disabled access, and six more on each of the first and second floors. Each floor also has a resident’s kitchen and laundry. The ground floor also has a TV and computer lounge, meeting room, offices and staff kitchen. The sit-up service is also sited on the ground floor, in a room directly opposite the reception area. All areas of the premises are covered by cctv.

Bosco Lodge

There is a car park at the front of the Lodge, for use by staff and visitors, and a large, tarmacked area at the back of the building. This area allows for a range of development opportunities and residents and staff are in the process of gathering ideas as to how this can be best utilised. Some ideas currently being mooted include a (much needed) bike shed, seating area, barbecue, workshops, and gym. Certainly, the volunteers from the Bosco House garden are keen to add a splash of colour with flowers and plants in hanging baskets, tubs, and window boxes.


Manager – Alison Butler