Key Workers

At Bosco we have four full-time day project workers (two at Bosco House and two at Bosco Lodge) who act as key workers to our clients. Our six night/weekend workers also provide after-hours support to all our clients in both premises.

Each new client is allocated a key worker to work with them on identifying and meeting their needs. Key workers will offer support, advice, and guidance on budgeting, housing, health, substance misuse, leisure, training and employment opportunities, and any other identified need.

Each individual will have a support plan that is drawn up and agreed between the client and their key worker within the first two weeks of their stay at Bosco. Key workers will meet with their clients on a weekly basis to review their support plan, map progress, discuss challenges, and agree changes to the client’s circumstances.

We liaise with a wide range of partner agencies to provide the best level of support to our clients. For more information, please go to our Partners page.