Bosco Garden Project

Bosco Society garden flower beds


In 2009, Bosco House was refurbished to a high standard and the garden area, which was previously fully utilised, became little more than part of the building site and fell into disrepair.

Since then, attempts to restore the area to a working garden had met with limited success due to other priorities. However, in 2014, it was decided that the time was right to turn our attention to the garden and restore it to its former glory.

The walled garden is 120 feet long by 60 feet wide, with a 30ft greenhouse, raised beds for vegetables, floral areas, fruit trees, as well as a pergola and fixed barbecue, and an apiary with two beehives.

This project is aimed at people who have substance use issues in the past to get them involved, working alongside other volunteers, in horticulture as a therapeutic tool to enhance their recovery journey. This will change lives for the better by increasing a sense of self-worth, shortening the recovery journey and time in treatment, reduce hospital episodes and crime, and strengthen the chances of social integration and employability.

At the moment, the gardens are maintained by our wonderful volunteers: Steven Hulligan, John Seville, Paul Heath and Bob O’Brien. We have, however, received some financial support from the Ace Regenerus fund (£700 to establish our bee colony) and Peel Ports (£300 for tree removal), for which we are very grateful.

If anyone would like to support our venture or volunteer a couple of hours a week to work in the gardens, please ring Alan at Bosco House on 944 1818 or email