Independent Living Move on flats

inside of living room

The Bosco Society owns a number of flats in the local area that residents can move on to after a 12-month stay in either Bosco House or Lodge.

This is not a compulsory move, of course, as our clients are always allowed to move through the system at their own pace – we accept that some are able to move on sooner than others.

But the support we provide doesn’t end there. Whilst living independently in one of our flats each client still has contact from our Floating Support Worker, who pays regular visits and is available whenever needed to provide help with practical things like job applications, setting up a bank account, or just a sympathetic ear.

move on flat 2

Taking responsibility for their lives, paying bills, cooking and keeping their flat tidy and in good order helps raise self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as fostering a sense of pride in a home they can call their own. From here they are in a much better position to find education, training and employment, maintain a stable lifestyle, and move on with their lives.

You can see from the accompanying photographs the excellent standard of accommodation we provide. We believe that, given the right opportunities and support, our clients can settle more quickly in a comfortable, stable environment.


Floating Support Worker: Susann Bowe