Pauly – Our Volunteer Of The Month!

Our ‘Volunteer of the Month’ for September is Paul Heath (known to everyone as Pauly) for his punctuality, hard work, and his great sense of humour! Pauly volunteered to work on the garden project in the summer and quickly made friends with everyone at Bosco.

Pauly volunteers three days a week, working from 10am until 4pm. He is keen to get involved in all the jobs that need doing, both at Bosco House and Bosco Lodge, and has specific responsibility for ensuring all the fruit and veg are kept well watered.

In particular, Pauly keeps the front of both projects looking bright and welcoming by tending to the flowers in all the window boxes, hanging baskets, and tubs. First impressions count and many of the visitors to both the House and Lodge have commented on how lovely the floral displays are, and that’s down to Pauly!

When the bees arrived he was keen to get involved and helped in building the frames for the hive. He had no hesitation in getting the bee suit on and has no fear of the bees at all. “I think the bees are fascinating,” he said. “They all work together to collect pollen, make wax, build the honeycomb and look after the larvae. They’re amazing!” 

Well done Pauly!

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