The Bees Are Settling In Nicely!

Our bee colony arrived two weeks ago and the first check on their progress took place yesterday. They are settling in nicely in their new home and are perfectly happy buzzing around the Bosco garden!

Guided by bee expert Andrea Ku, garden volunteers Alan, Linda and Paul were shown how to inspect the hive, check on progress and identify the queen bee, named ‘Sheila’ by residents. Andrea said: “The colony is doing really well. The bees have settled in nicely, are relaxed about their new surroundings and are already collecting pollen, building cells, and making honey. Everything is fine.”

Paul said: “It’s amazing! I’ve never seen inside a beehive before. There’s loads of them, but they don’t seem to mind being looked at. They don’t bother you, they just get on with their job. They’re busy bees!”

Here are a few photographs from the inspection.

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